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Puppetizing OS X – Very basic module

by Jozef Mares

Previous posthave covered basic Puppet install. Now it is time to move to first module.

I created very basic module which will use appdmg provider. This is good to remember as on OS X this is standard packaging method of software distribution. To be honest, it is not very elegant nor efficient as Linux RPM or DEB packaging methods – but it is all I have. :)

Unfortunately as there are no repositories (yes, I know about ports, homebrew) and so on but there are not used to distribute software like VMWare, Firefox etc. Enough bullshit, let’s see some code!

class osx-firefox {

package { 'Firefox':
provider  => appdmg,
source    => "http://download.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/latest/mac/en-US/Firefox%2019.0.dmg",
ensure    => installed,


You can see I named module osx-firefox as I have every app as separate module. Why is this useful? If I want to include for example package osx-vmware to node “hack-pro” but not to “macbook-air” node I can with simple:

include osx-vmware

This code is stored in file init.pp which is in $module_path/osx-firefox/manifests/init.pp

You can do test run by removing Firefox and running (this, with –noop option is simple method to test modules):

puppet apply path_to_init.pp

Hooray, my first module works like a charm and installed Firefox for me.

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