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iLO remote console over SSH tunnel

by Jozef Mares

So you have iLO (I’m working with version 3 – UPDATE: works with version 2 – console is accessed over port 23/tcp) and want to use it over SSH tunnel? No problem but you need to know which ports to forward instead of default 80/443 TCP. According to iLO documentation and nmap you need to forward these if you want to use whole iLO functionality:

22, 23, 80, 443, 17988, 9300, 17990, 3002

Example command for SSH forward command (obviously replace ILO_IP and ROUTER_IP):

sudo ssh -L 22:ILO_IP:22 -L 23:ILO_IP:23 -L 80:ILO_IP:80 -L 443:ILO_IP:443 -L 17988:ILO_IP:17988 -L 9300:1ILO_IP:9300 -L 17990:ILO_IP:17990 -L 3002:ILO_IP:3002 root@ROUTER_IP

You need to use sudo because you are forwarding privileged ports (ports under 1024). Now you should be able to access iLO by going to http://localhost and execute Java console.

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