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Fish restaurants in Prague

by Jozef Mares

I really love mediterranean cuisine. When you live in landlocked country like Czech republic where nearest sea is at least few hundred kilometers away you have problem. Fortunately there are few good fish restaurants in Prague.

I want to mention first my favorite – Deco restaurant in Modřany. Mentioning this restaurant is my long-term debt. I tend to go to this restaurant for over year and I still did not mentioned it. I was never dissatisfied there. Owner – Sasa is nice, food is great – you can’t make mistake here. Truly recommended.
Only one thing that sucks there is distance. Restaurant is 20 minutes by tram from city center. But it is worth to go.
My favorite is grilled octopus on fresh salad. Also when you are there try some Croatian wine. You will thank me in the end.

I would recommend going with fish corba soup, then grilled octopus or kambala and I really can’t stress this enough – go for tiramisu. For wine – well I would ask for recommendation on site.

Other great fish restaurant is Luka Lu I was there only two times but I can recommend it. I had octopus with grilled vegetables once and second time pljeskavica both were very good. To recommend menu I would go by baked paprika with filled with cheese, octopus salad and something sweet in the end. For drinking I would recommend Grasevina wine.

Price level of both restaurants is higher, count about 900 – 1000 CZK for person.

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