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Building my Hack Pro – 2. basic install

by Jozef Mares

In my previous post was covered my hardware setup. It’s time to install some basic software like OS X.

Once I was pretty sure it is possible to install OS X on my hardware I visited Tony Mac X86 site and looked for some how-to.

I used this how-to and I was following pretty much everything mentioned on site.

But not everything was that straight! OS X won’t boot into install screen, after some time screen just went blank and there was no option left only to cold cycle computer. To fix this issue i had to go to UEFI and change primary screen adapter from discrete Geforce to integrated Intel graphic adapter. After this computer booted into install and i followed how-to.

After install my OS X won’t boot into setup finish (part when you add user and so on), and I had to add this option to bootloader:


This parameter fixed problem with graphic card. Without this there was only spinning wheel and no setup finish.

After this step my hackintosh has been installed. Only few steps needed to go, right? Wrong. There was problem with network adapter, bootloader, wifi card and sound card – none of them works out of the box.

You need to download Unibeast for Mountain Lion (login required) and install appropriate driver (kext – kernel extension).

For my motherboard I needed to install and enable these drivers/settings:
* UserDSDT or DSDT-Free installation
* Audio – ALC892
* TRIM Enabler with 10.8.1+ TRIM Patch
* FakeSMC Plugins
* Realtek – Lnx2Mac’s RealtekRTL81xx v0.0.90
* Patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement
* Boot Options – GraphicsEnabler=No and 1080p display
* System definitions for Mac Pro 5,1

Next part will cover usual problems and how to fix them. Happy hacking.

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